We're UP to something.

We can help your lottery and gaming business to be better. Better than your current state, better than your competition, and better than you’ve forecasted.

Our Promise

We’ve assembled a dedicated team of professionals whose only job is to facilitate your lottery and gaming business success, through:

  • Funding and tax incentives that improve your bottom line
  • Helping you source exceptional talent that can drive industry-leading solutions
  • Access to a thriving lottery and gaming environment that is growing every single day

Your lottery and gaming success starts here, in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada.


Jurisdictions served by our cluster

Where else will you find:

  • A lottery and gaming industry focus that is supported at all levels of government, and equally in the community.
  • Access to industry professionals who understand the global lottery and gaming environment, the transformation it’s undergoing, and how successful companies can capitalize on industry change.
  • A population who have developed award-winning industry work for over 25 years.
  • The best in business amenities at an affordable cost, conveniently located in the centre of North America, at the hub of the Great Lakes.


Dedicated members of our team

Establish your lottery and gaming business where it has the best chance to succeed. Put it where you have access to funding, talent, and a thriving cluster. Set yourself up for success in Sault Ste. Marie.